Food material identification method and refrigerator

Fecha de publicación: 24/07/2020
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The present invention discloses a food material identification method and a refrigerator. The refrigerator comprises: a machine shell, wherein a storage chamber is arranged in the machine shell, and an access opening is formed in the front side of the storage chamber; at least one refrigerator door which is connected with the shell and is used for opening or closing the access opening; a camera which is used for shooting food material images; and a controller which is configured to construct a food material set according to multiple frames of food material images sent by the camera, select reference food materials and food materials matched with the reference food materials from the food material set to form candidate food material subsets, select a target food material from the candidatefood material subsets, and delete the candidate food material subsets from the food material set, repeat the above steps until the food material set is an empty set to obtain a target food material subset, and determine the types and quantity of stored and taken food materials according to the target food material subsets. According to the invention, the types and the number of stored and taken food materials can be accurately identified, false identification and missing identification caused by single-frame identification are avoided, the stability and the identification precision of a food material identification result are improved, the accuracy of food material management is further improved, and the use experience of a user is improved.