Food grabbing mechanism and food cooking equipment

Fecha de publicación: 05/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention discloses a food grabbing mechanism and food cooking equipment, the food grabbing mechanism comprises a rack body, a grabbing assembly and a food positioning assembly, and the grabbing assembly comprises a clamping jaw and a power assembly; the food positioning assembly comprises a first plate, and a plurality of pins are arranged at the bottom of the first plate. According to the food grabbing mechanism, the grabbing assembly is driven by the power assembly to grab food, in the food grabbing process, the tip of a pin arranged at the bottom of a first plate in the food positioning assembly pierces into the food, then a first hook plate and a second hook plate of the clamping jaw pierce into the surface of the food, and the food is stably clamped; according to the food grabbing mechanism, through the combination of the pin and the clamping jaw, the situation that the clamping force is unstable when grabbing is conducted through the clamping jaw can be avoided, food can begrabbed more stably, the stability of food grabbing and positioning can be improved through the food cooking equipment, and therefore the error rate in the food cooking process is reduced, and the stability of food production can be effectively improved. The mechanism and equipment is used in the field of food cooking equipment.