Food distribution system

Fecha de publicación: 06/04/2018
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention relates to a food distribution system. The system comprises a case, a food placing port, a food taking port and a control device, wherein the food placing port and the food taking port are formed in the case; and the food taking port is positioned above the food placing port. The system is characterized in that a food selection device is arranged at a position, which corresponds to the food placing port, in the case; a lifting device and a food taking device are arranged in the case; the food selection device comprises a lifting plate connected with the output shaft of a first electric cylinder; the bottom surface of the lifting plate is respectively connected with racks of a plurality of first conveyor belts by virtue of a plurality of suspenders; the first conveyor belts are perpendicular to the output shaft direction of the first electric cylinder; a first limit switch is arranged at the end, which is far away from the food placing port, of the racks of the first conveyor belts; the lifting device comprises a pull rope and a connecting mechanism; the pull rope is driven by a drive mechanism; and the food taking device comprises second conveyor belts corresponding to the food placing port. The food distribution system disclosed by the invention is simple in structure, reasonable in design and capable of realizing self-service food selection and fetch by customers, so that the food distribution efficiency is improved, and the manual cost needed by services is saved.