Food crushing method and food wall-breaking cooking machine

Fecha de publicación: 10/05/2017
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention relates to a food crushing method and a food wall-breaking cooking machine. The food crushing method includes the following steps: 1, food placement, wherein to-be-crushed food is placed in a crushing container; 2, food pre-cutting, wherein a plurality of spiral cutting blades in high-speed rotation are used for pre-cutting the food into small blocks of solid-liquid mixed food raw materials; 3, food suction and crushing, wherein inner cutter blades and outer cutter blades which coaxially rotate generate a rotational flow in opposite directions to stir the food raw materials, the food raw materials are sucked into the inner cutter blades and outer cutter blades from gaps among the spiral cutting blades, and the rotating cutter blades cut and crush the sucked food raw materials into particles; 4, food grinding, wherein the food particles enter between a grinding disk and an outer cutter, and an abrasive bulge is used for further grinding, refining and crushing the food particles; 5, food obtaining. Compared with traditional crushing, after food pre-cutting, food suction and crushing, and food grinding, food cell walls are completely broken, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, proteins, water and the like in food cells are completely released, and a beverage high in nutritive value is obtained.