Food box lantern ring

Fecha de publicación: 13/08/2019
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The utility model discloses a food box lantern ring. including a collar body, a clamping piece or an inserting plate is arranged in the middle of the lantern ring body. Fastening components matched with each other are arranged at the two ends of the lantern ring body. The fastening part is fixed to enable the lantern ring main body to form an annular food box lantern ring; when the food box sleevering is used, the first food box is sleeved with the food box sleeve ring; then the clamping piece or the inserting plate is inserted into a clamping hole formed in the side wall of the second food box, so that the second food box is connected with the food box lantern ring; in this way, the two food boxes can be connected, staple food and side dishes or beverages and food are placed in the firstfood box and the second food box, a user holds the first food box with one hand, the other hand can conduct eating or other actions, and the user can conveniently hold the first food box and the second food box with hands to walk for eating.