Efficient food sterilization machine for food processing

Fecha de publicación: 08/09/2020
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The utility model provides an efficient food sterilization machine for food processing, and relates to the technical field of food processing. The efficient food sterilization machine for food processing comprises a sterilization barrel, a sealing cover, an adjusting box and two supporting structures, an iron wire net is fixedly connected into the sterilization barrel, ultraviolet sterilization lamps are fixedly connected to the two sides of the inner bottom wall and the inner wall of the sterilization barrel, and a fixing block is fixedly connected to the center of the bottom face of the sterilization barrel. The utility model discloses an efficient food sterilization machine for food processing. A motor, a first rotating rod, a first rotating plate, a second rotating rod, a second rotating plate, a lower rotating shaft, a linkage plate, a linkage block, an upper rotating shaft, a push rod and a fixed block are arranged; the food sterilization device has the advantages of being sufficient in food sterilization and high in sterilization efficiency, and the problems that when a traditional food sterilization device sterilizes and disinfects food, most of the food is accumulated together, so that the food accumulated in the food sterilization device cannot be sufficiently sterilized, the food sterilization is not thorough, and the quality of the food is affected are solved.