Dog food pot

Fecha de publicación: 02/02/2018
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention discloses a dog food pot which comprises an L-shaped pot body. The longitudinal end of the dog food pot is provided with a food storage box with a leakage opening in the bottom, the horizontal end of the dog food pot is provided with a food pot, and the right-angled end is provided with a food separation bin connected with the food storage box and the food pot; the food separation bin is a cavity cylinder and is provided with an inlet matched with the leakage opening; a control device on the top of the pot body drives an outer shaft of the cylinder through a motor to rotate; a power source powers the control device; dog food is stored in a quantified mode through the food separation bin, and dog food transfer is performed; the space of the food separation bin is changed through a fan plate, and the effect of storing dog food in a variable mode is achieved; the dog food is provided in a fixed quantity and timed mode through a timing module; a pressure sensing device is cooperated with the timing module, the conditions for providing the dog food is set, and dog food waste and dog food overflowing are avoided; the dog food pot is simple in structure and convenient to useand has the function of providing the dog food in a one-time, timed and fixed quantified mode, the dog food is saved, and the high practicability and wide applicability are achieved.