Data processing method and device in food material purchasing process

Fecha de publicación: 29/12/2020
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention relates to a data processing method and device in a food material purchasing process, and the method comprises the steps of reading nutrition demand information inputted by a user, determining a target nutrition structure corresponding to the nutrition demand information, searching an initial food material list matched with the target nutrition structure in a preset nutrition matching database, reading food material constraint information, extracting an alternative food material list from the initial food material list according to the food material constraint information, determining a food material purchase list according to the alternative food material list, obtaining food material types of the paid food material purchase list after reading payment information input by the user for the food material purchase list, determining multiple groups of target dishes according to the food material types, and searching menus associated with each group of target dishes in a preset menu database to obtain the target menus of each group of target dishes, so that a user can efficiently obtain a food material purchase list with comprehensive nutrition and obtain menus corresponding to the food material purchase list to improve the information efficiency of obtaining required food materials, food material menus and the like by the user.