Circular pet bowl

Fecha de publicación: 23/09/2015
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The utility model relates to a circular pet bowl, circular pet bowl's inside has central food groove (1) of a N limit shape, N individual food groove (2) all around have around center food groove (1), the degree of depth of food groove (2) is greater than the degree of depth of central food groove (1) all around, the area separately in food groove (2), central food groove (1) is lighter than the area of pet tongue all around. The pet dog is in when food, because central food groove (1) and the barrier effect of food groove (2) all around, the tongue is also licked central food groove (1) simultaneously and is kept off with food groove (2) bellied separating all around when licking food, consequently hardly has massive food once, so can the slow down speed of its food, the effect of the sunken curved surface in the center that constitutes of food groove (2) and central food groove (1) top edge all around improves the travelling comfort that the pet dog tongue was touched, is convenient for simultaneously rinse pet bowl, and the aesthetic measure also can be improved to the while.