Children food control device and refrigerator

Fecha de publicación: 17/12/2014
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention relates to a container for storing children food, and also relates to a refrigerator for controlling children to take snacks or beverages such as ice creams. A children food control device comprises a tank body (1), a food conveying mechanism and a food pushing mechanism, wherein the food conveying mechanism is fixedly arranged in the tank body (1), the food pushing mechanism is fixedly arranged at an output end of the food conveying mechanism, food output by the food conveying mechanism can be horizontally pushed to a food outlet (2) by the food pushing mechanism, the food conveying mechanism is connected with a time control mechanism and a food taking key (14), and the tank body (1) is also fixedly provided with a food outlet blocking mechanism which is used for preventing children from stretching hands into the tank body (1) in the position of the food outlet (2). The refrigerator is characterized in that an opening is formed in the upper side of the tank body (1), the tank body (1) is arranged in a refrigerator body (22) in a sliding way, and a locking mechanism is arranged between the tank body (1) and the refrigerator body (22). According to the children food control device and the refrigerator, disclosed by the invention, the working time and the working interval of the food conveying mechanism can be controlled through a time controller, and thus the children can be prevented from taking excess snacks.