Baked food cooling box for food processing

Fecha de publicación: 17/03/2020
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention, which belongs to the technical field of food processing equipment, especially relates to a baked food cooling box for food processing. The cooling box comprises a cooling box body. A food baking chamber is arranged in the cooling box body; and a food cooling chamber is arranged below the food baking chamber. Stable supporting frames are fixedly connected to the two sides of the interior of the food cooling chamber; and motors are arranged in the stable supporting frames. According to the invention, with the food baking chamber and the food cooling chamber, the baked food coolingbox has functions of baking and cooling the food, so that an objective of one box with two purposes is achieved and the practicability of the cooling box is enhanced; according to a putting sequence,a foodstuff supporting frame arranged at the bottom of the food cooling chamber carries food cooled firstly, so that the operator takes out the food one by one based on the sequence; and during the taking out process, cooling of the food that has not been cooled yet is not affected, so that the cooling efficiency of the food is improved.