Automatic food selling machine

Fecha de publicación: 26/09/2012
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
An automatic food selling machine includes a food storage bucket and a food distributing bucket that are arranged on a center shaft, wherein the food distributing bucket is connected below the food storage bucket and isolated from the food storage bucket through a gapped solid plate; a food stirring spoon and a food pushing plate are arranged on the center shaft in the food storage bucket; a food distributing plate connected with a weight sensor is arranged on the center shaft in the food distributing bucket; a food outlet is arranged on the food distributing bucket; and the center shaft is connected with a numerical control system. The center shaft can drive the food stirring spoon, the food pushing plate, the food distributing plate and an oil control plate to rotate to enable the food to be portioned and discharged through the food outlet to lunch boxes as driven by the numerical control system, thereby realizing the automatic operation of food selling, not only reducing the labor amount of the workers, but also improving the sanitary quality of food, improving the food selling speed and ensuring the freshness of food. The automatic food selling machine has a simple structure, and is convenient to operate and safe to use.