Automatic food distribution machine

Fecha de publicación: 07/11/2012
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The invention relates to an automatic food distribution machine which is used to replace manual distribution of the food so as to enhance the food selling efficiency of the selling windows of a restaurant. The automatic food distribution machine (figure 1) provided by the invention is characterized by comprising a food storage hopper 1, a card reader 3, a controller 4 and a food distributor 2, wherein the food storage hopper 1 is located at the upper part of the food distribution machine; the card reader 3 is responsible for food selling settlement of the restaurant; the controller 4 consists of a singlechip, a memory and an interface circuit and is used for sending an action command to the food distribution machine; the food distributor 2 is connected with the lower part of the food storage hopper; the food distributor adopts a tipping bucket type (figure 2), a worm extrusion type (figure 3), a longitudinal volume push type (figure 4) or a transverse volume push type (figure 5); the worm extrusion type and the tipping bucket type are driven by a step motor, and the quantity of the needed food is controlled by controlling the speed and the rotation angle of the step motor; and the longitudinal volume push type and the transverse volume push type are driven by electromagnet. Only the automatic food distribution machine is powered, the cooked food is poured into the food storage hopper and then can be automatically sold. When a buyer puts a container under a food exit, swipes the card and presses a quantity selection key, the food distribution machine the food can be automatically distributed according to the needed quantity to be guided into the container by the automatic food distribution machine.