Fecha de publicación: 13/05/2016
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
The present invention relates to an apparatus of automatically feeding food to a plurality of fish farms, and particularly, to an apparatus of feeding food to a fish farm, the apparatus that is capable of feeding food to the fish farms automatically and smoothly although the fish farms are fish farms with different heights. The apparatus of feeding food to a fish farm includes: a horizontal transfer unit for horizontally transferring a food foaming machine (30); and a vertical transfer unit for vertically transferring the food foaming machine (30) and the horizontal transfer unit. The food foaming machine (30) includes: a case that is divided into a food receiving layer having a food outlet formed therein, a food opening and closing layer for controlling discharge of food of the food receiving layer, a device receiving layer including an opening and closing device for opening and closing the food outlet, and a food foaming layer in which a food foaming hole is formed, and which is for foaming food discharged from the food outlet; and an air sprayer which foams the food to the outside of the case by enabling the opening and closing device to open the food outlet, thereby spraying air to the food foaming layer when the food is positioned near the food foaming hole. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2016