Fecha de publicación: 25/04/2019
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
An anti-oxidation method for food, comprising a food container device for containing food. The food container device is provided with a device preventing a further increase of oxygen in the food container device. An oxygen-proof device is composed of the deformable food container device, a discharge opening preventing air ingress, and a transition component facilitating retrieval of a material, and can be added with other components preventing oxygen ingress, etc. These can protect food in the food container device from oxidation caused by continuous ingress of oxygen, thus ensuring food quality. The method enables realization of an anti-oxidation home food storage and processing machine, and can be used to upgrade a refrigerator, a food vending machine, a food processor, an oil press, a beverage maker, an anti-oxidation shelf, an anti-oxidation food container, or an anti-oxidation food bag to become an anti-oxidation device. The method enables a highly desirable series of food anti-oxidation devices for resolving the long-standing issue of food oxidation.