Fecha de publicación: 19/10/2017
Fuente: WIPO Food Portada
A 3D food printer, comprising: a spray head component (10) for spraying a food raw material; a cooling component (20) for keeping the food raw material at a low temperature at which the food raw material does not melt or coagulate; a conveying component (30) for automatically outputting a printed food product; a printer body (40) for bearing the entire 3D food printer; a drive component for driving the 3D food printer to move in X, Y, and Z directions; and a control component for controlling the operation of the entire 3D food printer. The 3D food printer provided with a cooling system and having an increased size can store and supply a large quantity of food raw materials, and can print normally at a relatively high ambient temperature. The 3D food printer is provided with an automatic conveying system for printed products, and can automatically output the food products after printing and continue to print follow-on food products. Food can be produced continuously. The 3D food printer is easy to operate, highly effective, and can better comply with the food hygiene requirements.