Method for Improving the Crop Health using IoT in Smart Agriculture Farming

Fecha de publicación: 19/08/2021
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
Method for Improving the Crop Health using IoT in Smart Agriculture
Smart agriculture farming is the latest revolutionary technology in the agriculture industry employed in most developing countries. But all the places natural resources like water, soil, and quality of the land are not common owing to the climate and organic elements presents in their land. For establishing agriculture in those places water is the sole resource to generate in the farming based on the quality of the water pollutants. Most of the places water quality is at a bad level due to the spread of the organics and chemical components combined in the water from the industrial waste. Rainwater collection is also employed for the development of agriculture but transferring that water to these regions is a tough undertaking. For that, water management is the crucial situation in agriculture to deliver water to the plants in a right proportionality of the toxins. IoT-based water management is introduced in this invention for finding the contaminants mixed in the water level and added nutrition whenever the quality is low.
The water level given to the plant plays a significant function in agriculture if it goes high then the crop may be rotting. Nutrition level is not balanced in the water leads to affect the growth of the plant. To tackle this challenge experienced by farmers in agriculture this invention offered IoT-enabled water management for increasing crop health in smart agricultural farming. This invention disseminates the water and nourishment to the plants constantly but the only required amount will be provided at a stipulated interval of time.