Incineration device for agriculture

Fecha de publicación: 28/11/2017
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
The invention provides an incineration device for agriculture. The incineration device comprises an installing plate, a first-level sleeve, a first-level locking bolt, a first-level loop bar, a hand pushing rod, a control cabinet, a waste gas treating machine device, a material pulverizing box device, a dust treating machine device, a cleaning pump device, a first-level baffle, a second-level locking bolt, a second-level baffle, a beating crusher device, a feeding wheel device, an adjusting supporting base device, a drainage pipe and a manual control valve. The first-level sleeve is welded to the upper left portion of the installing plate. Universal wheels are specifically adopted as movable wheels, the multiple movable wheels are arranged, so that an operator conveniently moves the incineration device for agriculture, and the problem that an existing incineration device for agriculture is not convenient to move is solved. Through the arrangement of the dust treating machine device, the operator conveniently treats dust, meanwhile, the labor intensity of the operator is relieved, accordingly, the practicability of the incineration device for agriculture is improved, and the problem that dust of the existing incineration device for agriculture is not convenient to treat is solved.