Ecological agriculture sightseeing restaurant

Fecha de publicación: 19/10/2016
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
The invention discloses an ecological agriculture sightseeing restaurant especially suitable for being built at an ecological agriculture scenic spot. According to the ecological agriculture sightseeing restaurant, a pool is arranged on the top of the restaurant, fish can be raised in the pool, and a heat insulation panel is obliquely erected on the upper side of the pool and covered with a solar cell panel; a bird nest for wild birds is hung under the heat insulation panel; a control device is arranged in the restaurant, a storage battery is arranged in the control device, the solar cell panel is connected with the storage battery, the storage battery is electrically connected with the control device, and the control device is electrically connected with an LED display screen; ecological agriculture knowledge can be explained to people through the LED display screen, and the LED display screen is electrically connected with electrical appliances in the restaurant, a heating wire arranged on the bottom of the pool in a coiled mode and a temperature controller hung on the inner wall of the pool. The ecological agriculture sightseeing restaurant is simple in structure, environmentally friendly, capable of saving energy and providing fresh fish food and intellectual food about ecological agriculture for diners, and easy to popularize.