How to collect and share Consumer Insights with Feedly AI Feeds

Fecha de publicación: 15/08/2023
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Market IntelligenceHow to collect and share Consumer Insights with Feedly AI FeedsKeep up with changing consumer trends in your industry15-second summaryConsumer insights can help inform your business strategy. However, collecting consumer insights with keyword searches rarely works, so you waste time searching for and reviewing articles with little to no value.We have trained Feedly AI to understand the concept of consumer insights with all its facets, nuances, and deep meanings (statistics about consumer behaviors, preferences, needs, and motivations).You can now create AI feeds that continuously scan the web and collect consumer insights related to technologies, trends, and industries.Feedly AI delivers precise and actionable insights while saving you substantial time.START FREE TRIALCollecting Consumer InsightsWhat are the consumer trends impacting your business or industry? Will they change how, what, or when people buy? Will this affect how your business adapts? Many teams look for consumer insights— interpretations of data that are indicative of consumer trends or new buying behaviors—so that they can better inform their strategy, marketing, or sales tactics.However, collecting the right consumer insights is time-consuming and often frustrating. Why? Consumer insights are almost never written in a way to match your keyword searches, they can be spread out across multiple websites and sources, and they are often duplicated across articles. And because researchers aren’t SEO experts, they often appear deep within search results, making it harder to find what you need.And perhaps more important, because finding them is hard, you are unlikely to discover unexpected trends—the ones you weren’t searching for by name.AI Feed: Let Feedly AI do Consumer Insights collection for youFortunately, Feedly’s new Consumer Insights AI Model can now be added to your AI Feeds. It’s a machine-learning model that helps you collect, analyze, and share consumer insights 7X faster than alternative searches.Feedly’s Consumer Insights AI Feed:Thinks like an analyst, understanding over 1,000 market concepts, not just keywords.Scans the web continuously, analyzing 100 million articles across 140 million sources daily to find trends early and often.Delivers actionable intelligence, such as highlighted consumer insight sentences, so you can cut through the noise and accelerate your analysis.Let’s say you want to track consumer insights in the beverage industry. You can do this by building a Customizable AI Feed with the Consumer Insights AI Model AND the Beverage Industry AI Model. Feedly AI will scour through millions of sources and only feature the articles that are the most relevant to you.In this article, we will show you how to unlock its full potential and make the absolute most out of the AI Feed for Consumer Insights.Want to see it in action?AI Feed: Thinks like an analystFeedly AI has been trained to understand over 1,000 market concepts using natural language processing. It understands context, nuances, and deeper meanings. It detects consumer insights statistics that represent trends or answers to a poll while excluding statistics about market sizings, share, or segmentations.AI Feed: Automatically tags and enriches articles to help jumpstart your analysisWith Feedly AI, you can quickly identify the relevant consumer insight sentences with our AI Insights feature. At the top of your article, you will see a summary of the relevant behavioral data featured in the article.Customizable to all your consumer insights needsWhatever your use case, simply create a Consumer Insights AI Feed to gather relevant results. Some popular use cases include industries, trends, and technologies:Stay on top of consumer insights within specific industries, like the Food Industry, by pairing the Consumer Insights AI Model AND the Food Industry AI Model.Track consumer insights across trending topics, for example, Consumer Insights AND Sustainability.Monitor consumer insights within relevant technologies such as generative AI by adding the Consumer Insights AI Model AND the Generative AI Model.Distill the most crucial consumer insights into Team BoardsSaving articles to boards is the first step to a larger research and sharing workflow. You can save relevant articles to Team Boards organized by projects, topics, or trends. Enrich the articles by annotating or highlighting key sentences or adding your team’s notes and analysis. Then, tag team members in email, Slack, or Teams to notify them and solicit input.Push actionable insights to your team with Feedly NewslettersShare consumer insights and your analysis and implications with stakeholders via FeedIy newsletters. Create customized, branded newsletters and easily disseminate information to your leadership or customers in a few clicks. Newsletters can automatically populate from a Feed or a Board or be hand-curated by your team. Learn more about newsletters here.No more missing outManually monitoring consumer insights through platforms like Google or Twitter is noisy and time-consuming. In fact, there is a high risk of missing out on relevant consumer trends or key information that can influence your business.Feedly's Consumer Insights AI Feed can help you reduce blind spots by covering more sources, improving the relevance of your intelligence collection, speeding up analysis by helping you focus on what's important, and improving collaboration with your team through advanced sharing.Speed up your market intelligence researchConsumer Insights is one of the AI Models included in Feedly for Market Intelligence. Start a free 30-day trial to see how Feedly can help you speed up your market intelligence.Start Free TrialConsumer Insights FAQsWhat are consumer insight statistics? A consumer insight is a statistic that represents consumer behaviors, needs, motivations, and preferences. These statistics can help us understand the underlying reasons behind why consumers make certain choices, purchase specific products or services, and engage in particular behaviors. Typically, consumer insights are derived from in-depth analysis and primary research of consumer data, research, observations, and interactions. This helps uncover the emotional, psychological, and practical factors that drive consumer decision-making.Why are consumer insights valuable?Consumer insights provide a foundation for developing effective marketing, product, and business strategies. They can help inform the teams about consumer buying trends and behaviors that can lead to new products, shifts in sales models, or changes in campaign tactics and messaging. By understanding the motivations of consumers businesses can create offerings that result in improved customer satisfaction, increased brand loyalty, and ultimately, better business outcomes.Why is it hard to find consumer insights on the web?Finding specific consumer insights on the internet can be challenging due to their derivation. Consumer insights are statistics about consumer trends, buying behavior, and preferences that originate from research conducted by governmental and private organizations.Finding consumer insights that are relevant to your business is even more difficult. General searches for consumer insights are likely to yield vague statistics that aren’t actionable. However, creating complex search queries to find statistics that fit your needs often means excluding relevant statistics on the edge of your search criteria.Consumer insights are often time sensitive, so finding current statistics is critical to making informed decisions. Yet, information stays on the internet long beyond it’s usefulness. This results in finding consumer insights that may be prioritized by search engines, but are stale and still consume your time.Finally, because consumer insights are often created by researchers and published on their sponsor’s website, they can be spread across the web. Many of these sites might not rank well by search algorithms, thus causing results to appear dozens of pages deep. Finding them takes significant time and effort.