Identification of pollinizers for apple ‘SCS426 Venice

Fuente: Bragantia
ABSTRACT Apple orchards require the presence of a different genotype to pollinate the fruit producing cultivar. This is due to the process of gametophytic self-incompatibility present in most species and cultivars of the genus Malus. The fruit producing cultivar and the pollinizer must be genetically compatible to ensure fruit set and symmetrical and adequate fruit formation. The aim of this work was to evaluate five potential pollinizers for the new apple cultivar SCS426 Venice by genotyping the self-incompatibility locus (S-locus) and by controlled pollination in the field. The S-locus was screened using molecular markers and the fertilization capacity was evaluated by monitoring the fruit set after artificial pollination. Three genotypes were identified as semi-compatible (selection 135/140, cultivar SCS433 Felix 3 and SCS425 Luiza) and two as fully compatible (‘SCS431 Felix 1’ and ‘SCS434 Felix 4’) with ‘SCS426 Venice’. Regardless of the level of compatibility, all genotypes tested are efficient for the fertilization of ‘SCS426 Venice’ flowers and can be used as pollinizers in commercial orchards of this cultivar.