Track the influence of the largest US companies with Feedly AI

Fecha de publicación: 23/07/2021
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What's New
Feedly AI understands and can track Fortune 500 companies and their aliases

Traditional keyword matches fail to understand aliases, synonyms and abbreviations, and standard content monitoring tools don’t allow you to track segments or industries, which puts you at risk of missing key information that could help you monitor the major players in your industry.

Today, we are excited to announce a new AI Model, Fortune 500. This smart topic enables you to track mentions of the top 500 US companies without having to list each company (and their aliases) individually.

Layer topics to find what the content you need

Imagine you’re an analyst at a bank, and you’re interested in tracking what large companies and competitors are implementing around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

You can layer topics like “Cryptocurrency” with the Fortune 500 smart topic to find relevant articles quickly and ask Feedly AI to include them in your Feeds.

Set an AI Feed with these filters to see articles about what Fortune 500 companies are doing with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The Fortune 500 smart topic is available to Enterprise level customers. Try it today, or start a 30 day trial here.

Before using Feedly AI, our team at Danone would struggle to find the most relevant information about our market and competitors. We would need to track our competitor names on Google News which would bring a lot of noise. Now that we use Feedly AI to track our competitors, we have easy access to articles that are super aligned with what we need to track in our day to day.”Yong Wang, Strategy & Global Insights, Danone

Find what matters with advanced AI Put the power of AI in your hands, and track Fortune 500 events and trends proactively. Now available to all users in our Enterprise plan.start 30 day trial

How can I access this Smart Topic?This smart topic, as well as, Big Tech and industries, and more are part of Feedly AI’s Advanced AI skills, and are available as part of our Enterprise level plans.

Can I try this before I upgrade?Yes! We offer a 30-day free trial of our Enterprise level plan, including onboarding and access for your team. Request your trial here.

Which companies are included in this Smart Topic?Each organization in the “Fortune 500” entity belongs to the list of the 500 largest United States corporations (by total revenue in 2020), listed by Fortune here. 

Can I teach Feedly AI to understand other types of organizations?Absolutely! Several of our Enterprise customers have shared lists of companies they would like to track in their Feedly. Please reach out to if you’re an Enterprise customer and we can help you track a custom company list.