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Fecha de publicación: 31/08/2023
Fuente: Noticias ICEX
Lugar: Market Intelligence
Market IntelligenceStay on top of AI trendsInnovation, regulations, investments, competitors, and industry news15-second summaryAs AI has dominated the news recently, ensuring your team is up to date with the key developments in the field can seem like an overwhelming task.Fortunately, we have trained Feedly AI to understand the concept of AI with all its facets, nuances, and deep meanings to bring you and your team only the most relevant and actionable insights on the topic while cutting out the noise.You can now create AI Feeds that continuously scan the web and collect AI content tailored to your team’s needs. For instance, you can customize AI Feeds to focus on AI in your industry, at your competitors, or in emerging regulations.Feedly AI delivers precise and actionable insights while saving you substantial time.START FREE TRIALYour AI Feed scours the web for AI insightsCollecting artificial intelligence insightsHow are others in your industry utilizing Artificial Intelligence? What are the legal and ethical considerations of implementing an AI program? What AI products are your competitors launching? Many teams have these types of questions but struggle to find succinct answers because of the current information overload on the topic.However, our Artificial Intelligence Feeds make finding these answers much easier. Feedly AI understands the essence of your research topic, ensuring you see all the relevant content regardless of whether the article contains the keywords you searched. Additionally, Feedly AI can deduplicate articles about the same news event, saving your team from wasting time reading multiple stories about the same event.In this article, we will show you how to unlock its full potential and make the absolute most out of the Artificial Intelligence AI Model.AI Feed: Let Feedly AI curate artificial intelligence learning for youFortunately, Feedly’s new Artificial Intelligence AI Model can now be added to your AI Feeds. It’s a machine-learning model that helps you collect, analyze, and share insights 7X faster than alternative searches.Feedly’s Artificial Intelligence AI Feeds:Think like an analyst, understanding over 1,000 market concepts, not just keywords.Scan the web continuously, analyzing 100 million articles across 140 million sources daily to find trends early and often.Deliver actionable intelligence, such as highlighted insight sentences, so you can cut through the noise and accelerate your analysis.Let’s say you want to track funding going into artificial intelligence. You can do this by building a Customizable AI Feed with the Artificial Intelligence AI Model AND the Funding Events AI Model. Feedly AI will scour through millions of sources and only feature the articles that are the most relevant to you.AI Feed: Thinks like an analystFeedly AI has been trained to understand over 1,000 market concepts using natural language processing. It understands context, nuances, and deeper meanings. It detects mentions of Artificial Intelligence as well as other critical context within the article to simplify the research process for you and your team.AI Feed: Automatically tags and enriches articles to help jumpstart your analysisWith Feedly AI, you can quickly identify the relevant sentences containing Artificial Intelligence or news by combining the Artificial Intelligence model with different strategic move models such as partnerships. Throughout your article, you will see the relevant insights highlighted.Customize to your artificial intelligence needsWhatever your use case, simply create an AI Feed to gather relevant results. Some popular use cases include M&A and investments, competitive intelligence, big tech, and regulations.Monitor funding going into the artificial intelligence space by pairing the Artificial Intelligence AI Model AND the Funding Events AI Model.Discover what your competitors are up to and open new opportunities to gain competitive advantage by pairing the Artificial Intelligence AI Model AND your desired industry AI Model (For example, the Manufacturing Industry).Keep track of how multinational tech companies are making the most out of artificial intelligence by pairing the Artificial Intelligence AI Model AND Big Tech.Stay on top of of regulatory changes having an impact on artificial intelligence by pairing the Artificial Intelligence AI Model AND Regulatory Changes.Distill the most crucial insights into Team BoardsSaving articles to boards is the first step to a larger research and sharing workflow. You can save relevant articles to Team Boards organized by projects, topics, or trends. Enrich the articles by annotating or highlighting key sentences or adding your team’s notes and analysis. Then, tag team members in email, Slack, or Teams to notify them and solicit input.Push actionable insights to your team with Feedly NewslettersShare your curated insights and your analysis with stakeholders via FeedIy newsletters. Create customized, branded newsletters and easily disseminate information to your leadership or customers in a few clicks. Newsletters can automatically populate from a Feed or a Board or be hand-curated by your team. Learn more about newsletters here.No more missing outManually monitoring AI news through platforms like Google or Twitter is noisy and time-consuming. In fact, there is a high risk of information overload and missing the insights that really matter.Feedly's new AI Model can help you reduce blind spots by covering more sources, improving the relevance of your intelligence collection, speeding up analysis by helping you focus on what's important, and improving collaboration with your team through advanced sharing.Speed up your market intelligence researchArtificial Intelligence is one of the AI Models included in Feedly for Market Intelligence. Start a free 30-day trial to see how Feedly can help you speed up your market intelligence.START FREE TRIAL