Monitor use cases of emerging technologies

Fecha de publicación: 01/02/2024
Fuente: Noticias ICEX
Lugar: Market Intelligence
Market IntelligenceMonitor use cases of emerging technologiesStay up to date with technological advancements and technology use cases in your industry15-second summaryTechnological processes are accelerating so fast that it’s difficult to identify tangible ways that emerging tech can be incorporated into your organization’s workflows. That’s why we’ve built a new Use Cases AI Model to surface real-word examples of how specific technologies are being used in a business context.Feedly’s Use Case AI Model can be:Paired with a specific technology to help your innovation team understand the applications of a given technology.Paired with an industry, to uncover technological trends within your space.Paired with your competitors to see how they are utilizing a technology to improve their product or processes.In short, the Use Cases AI model helps innovation and strategy teams stay on top of technological advancements and track practical ways competitors are leveraging these innovations.START FREE TRIALCollecting Use CasesHow are my competitors leveraging AI? How are companies using biometrics to shape the travel industry? In what ways can we employ VR and AR in our company? Many teams continue to hear about new technologies but are unsure of the ways they can be practically applied in the “real-world". While it remains important to identify emerging technologies, it is perhaps more crucial to identify specific examples of how those technologies are being used by companies today.AI Feed: Let Feedly AI find examples of business applications of emerging technology for youFeedly’s new Use Case Al Model can now be added to your AI Feeds. It’s a machine-learning model that helps you collect, analyze, and share real world use cases of technologies seven times faster than alternative searches.Here’s what an AI Feed does for you:Thinks like an analyst, understanding over 1,000 market concepts, not just keywords.Scans the web continuously, analyzing 100 million articles across 140 million sources daily to find trends early.Delivers actionable intelligence, such as highlighted sentences and summaries, so you can cut through the noise and accelerate your analysis.Let’s say you want to track how companies in the finance industry are leveraging Generative AI. You can do this by building a Customizable AI Feed with the Use Case AI Model AND the Finance Industry AI Model AND the Generative AI Model. Feedly AI will scour through millions of sources and only feature the articles that are the most relevant to you.In this article, we will show you how to unlock its full potential and make the most out of the AI Feed for Use Cases.Customizable to all your technology monitoring needsYou can customize the Use Case AI Model by pairing it with other AI Models. Common ways of pairing the Use Cases AI Model include:Use Cases and a specific technology, to understand the possibilities of that technology.Use Cases and industry, to uncover technological trends in your industry.Use Cases and competitors, to see how competitors are using a technology to improve their product or processes.Save actionable examples to Team BoardsSaving articles to Team Boards is the first step to a larger research and sharing workflow. You can save relevant articles to Boards organized by projects, topics, or trends. Enrich the articles by annotating or highlighting key sentences or adding your team’s notes and analysis. Then, tag team members in email, Slack, or Teams to notify them and solicit input.Push important insights to your team with Automated NewslettersShare technological use cases with stakeholders via Automated Newsletters. Create customized, branded newsletters and easily disseminate information to your leadership or customers in a few clicks. Newsletters can automatically populate from a Feed or a Board or be hand-curated by your team. Learn more about Automated Newsletters here.No more missing outManually searching for use cases of technologies through platforms like Google or Twitter is noisy and time-consuming. In fact, there is a high risk of missing out on relevant technological trends or key information that can influence your business.The Use Cases AI Model can help you reduce blind spots and stay ahead of your competition by covering more sources, improving the relevance of your intelligence collection, speeding up analysis by helping you focus on what's important, and improving collaboration with your team.Keep track of emerging technologies and their use casesUse Cases is one of more than a thousand AI Models available in Feedly for Market Intelligence. Start a 30-day trial of Feedly for Market Intelligence today and stay on top of emerging technologies in your industry.Start free trial