Feedly AI Topic Classification

Fecha de publicación: 22/01/2019
Fuente: Noticias ICEX
Lugar: Fundamentals
FundamentalsFeedly AI Topic ClassificationCovers 1,000+ cybersecurity and market intel topicsSometimes, you want to follow high-volume publications like The Verge, NY Times, or VentureBeat because you trust them. Still, you are only interested in narrower topics like strategic moves, mixed reality, or sustainability.Reducing noise and information overload is a problem we passionately care about. That’s why we have Feedly AI and AI Feeds. AI Feeds are AI-powered queries that collect actionable intelligence from the open web while reducing the noise.What is Topic Classification?Feedly AI understands over 1,000 cybersecurity and market intelligence concepts — AI Models. It understands context, nuances, and deeper meanings.Thanks to this topic classification skill, Feedly AI feeds help you collect articles that are precisely about the topics you need to track.For instance, if you create an AI Feed monitoring product launches (with the ‘Product Launches’ AI Model) in the beauty industry (with the ‘Beauty Industry’ AI Model), Feedly AI will make sure the articles that are collected in your AI Feed cover these exact topics.Collect articles that are precisely about the topics you need to trackWhy is this useful?Some sources produce interesting and high-quality content across lots of different topics. Following those sources can result in many articles being added to your news feed, some of which are about topics you do not care about.If you follow Techcrunch, Forbes, and Wired, you might have to go through more than a thousand articles every week. With Feedly AI Feeds, you can focus your attention on the articles that align with your intelligence needs.Which languages does Feedly AI understand?Right now, our dataset is in English, so Feedly AI only processes articles written in English. However, we are working on supporting alternative languages.How can you participate?Feedly AI already understands thousands of topics, but we are constantly evolving and adding new AI Models (of different topics) to fit your (re)search needs better. At the top of some articles, you might see a prompt asking you to provide feedback on the quality of the classification. In one click, you can confirm or correct Feedly AI.Want to see Feedly AI Feeds in action?Feedly AI Feeds are one of the features included in Feedly for Threat Intelligence and Feedly for Market Intelligence. Start a free trial to learn how to streamline your intelligence research with Feedly AI.REQUEST ENTERPRISE TRIAL