Thing networking multi -function control device and system of agriculture cultivation equipment

Fecha de publicación: 10/08/2018
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
The utility model relates to a thing networked control technical field specifically discloses the thing networking multi -function control device of an agriculture cultivation equipment, including beused for handling with the central processing module of each linking module's of analysis data, be used for gathering outside environmental sensor's sensing data sensing data collection module, be used for gathering the operating data of agriculture cultivation equipment operating data collection module, be used for carrying out the central processing module 1 module of controlling, central processing module 2 module and the central processing module 5 who is used for carrying on central processing module 2 with outside central processing module 2 equipment to agriculture cultivation equipment, the utility model discloses the thing networking multifunctional control system of an agriculture cultivation equipment is disclosed again, include as above thing networking multi -function controldevice, at least one temperature sensor, at least one humidity transducer, fan system, heating and ventilating system and the humidification system of agriculture cultivation equipment. The utility model discloses the fault rate of monitoring outside environmental parameter has been reduced to the intelligent of agriculture cultivation in -process environmental monitoring and accurateization havebeen realized.