Stereo agriculture planting greenhouse remote management system based on mobile phone APP

Fecha de publicación: 03/11/2017
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
The invention provides a stereo agriculture planting greenhouse remote management system based on a mobile phone APP, which belongs to the technical field of agriculture. The system includes an equipment end, a cloud network, and mobile control terminals. The equipment end includes a stereo agriculture planting device, and a plurality of planting units, a light control module, an irrigation control module, a fertilization control module, a temperature and humidity control module, a video monitoring module and a pest control module arranged on the stereo agriculture planting device. Each mobile control terminal is equipped with a mobile management system which manages the equipment end through the cloud network. Planting greenhouses are managed remotely through a mobile phone APP developed, and every work of the planting greenhouses can be finely managed. Management is efficient, each person can manage a plurality of planting greenhouses simultaneously, and technological and efficient agriculture is truly realized. The planting equipment occupies a small area. Management is convenient. The labor cost is reduced greatly. Environmental bonus can be produced through promotion in cities.