Agriculture-machinery-working wireless monitoring system

Fecha de publicación: 28/12/2011
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
The invention relates to an agriculture-machinery-working command, scheduling and monitoring system. The system comprises: an agriculture machinery working command and scheduling center and a cab terminal. The system is a miniature, fast and multifunctional agriculture machinery working monitoring system. By using the agriculture-machinery-working wireless monitoring system, information management and inquiry of agriculture machinery, agricultural implements, drivers and amounts of the agricultural machinery can be realized. Information includes that a certain driver drives the certain agriculture machinery and uses a certain agricultural implement to perform certain working at a certain place, an on-site working video condition and calculation of the working amount can be obtained through associating the agriculture machinery, the agricultural implement, the driver, a working path and a wireless video, wherein the working path and the wireless video are recorded by a global positioning system (GPS). Voice communication of the scheduling center and the driver can be realized. Therefore, a management quality and efficiency of the agriculture machinery working can be effectively raised.