Agriculture and forestry remote sensing monitoring device

Fecha de publicación: 05/04/2019
Fuente: WIPO Agriculture Portada
The utility model discloses an agriculture and forestry remote sensing monitoring device, include the device body, put thing board, mounting panel, sawtooth and installed part, device body lower extreme is provided with the supporting shoe, and the top of supporting shoe is connected with the bracing piece, and the upper end of bracing piece is fixed with the connecting plate simultaneously, putsthe thing board and install in the upper end of connecting plate, and the outside of putting the thing board installs the pull ring, the mounting panel is fixed and is being put the interior terminalsurface of thing board, and the outside of mounting panel is provided with the damping pivot, the sawtooth is fixed in the inside of putting the thing board, and the top of pull ring is connected withthe connecting rod, the installed part is fixed in the outside of connecting rod, and the top of installed part installs wind sensor and humidity transducer, and the camera is installed to the belowof installed part simultaneously, the lantern ring is installed to the top of connecting rod. This agriculture and forestry remote sensing monitoring device has solved present agriculture and forestrymonitoring devices, is not convenient for highly carry out the altitude mixture control according to the agriculture and forestry of difference to the problem to the limitation of agriculture and forestry monitoring has been increased.