Consumer perception of vertical farming

Fecha de publicación: 12/11/2022
Fuente: Smartfarmingconference
Lugar: Speaker
Vertical farming is an interesting new way of producting vegetables, herbs and other plants. For market acceptance of the products it is necessary to find out what consumer awareness is, how and where vegetables grow and how they position vertical farming in relation to field and greenhouse cultivation. The results of a qualitative and quantitative study among Dutch consumers and buyers of all types of fresh vegetables and herbs learns that positioning of vertical farming is a challenge in the Netherlands.

A presentation by Gemma Tacken, senior market researcher at Wageningen University & Research.

In consumer research, she is especially interested in acceptance and perception of new developments or transitions. New technical developments in food production like vertical farming and cultivated meat versus consumer demand for natural solutions like organic, seaweed, algae and insects are very interesting to explore.

About Gemma TackenGemma Tacken Msc is a senior market researcher & marketing expert at Wageningen Economic Research, with 25 years’ experience nationally and internationally. Her expertise is consumer behaviour issues related to animal products: dairy, eggs, meat and (farmed) fish. In her long career she worked for private companies and policy makers related to food chains.

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Gemma Tacken is speaker at the 2022 edition of the Vertical Farming Conference, part of the Agrifood Innovation Event.