Fecha de publicación: 24/06/2022
Fuente: European Hub for Essential Oils
Lugar: Conference
By Prof. Ákos Máthé – EOHUB Partner
The Closing Event of the Expert Course on Essential Oils and Entrepreneurship took place on Friday, 10th June.
The official program chaired by Profs. Máthé, Á. and Calderon, C. consisted of 6 Workshop Presentations, as follows:
The first speaker, Azucena Gonzalez (from the Plant Protection Department, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, CSI Research Centre) introduced the latest research developments on the use of natural substances in plant protection, with a special focus on CSIC’s involvement in the EOHUB project. The comprehensive presentation was concluded by mentioning numerous lessons learned from the project which were highlighted parallel with the mention of possible prospective research and development opportunities.
The following presentation by EOHUB Partner, Ákos Máthé embraced two EOHUB related domains: the first, introduced the trends in Essential Oils R+D on the basis of scientific special literature. Analysis of the SCOPUS database carried out in a historical perspective allowed for pinpointing the most important scientific domains involved. The second part of the presentation dealt with the results obtained in the course of 4 years of EOHUB Networking touching on some possible prospective options.
Juan Valverde from the Spanish company KIMITEC, introduced the latest research achievements of KIMITEC in the production of plant-based products for use in improving/increasing crop productivity and quality. The solutions illustrated involved natural substances including essential oils. The lesson that can be achieved through these products with the same efficacy as when applying synthetic chemical products has been also demonstrated by the relevant contributions by participants of the Course.
Ms Petra Kovács, as invited speaker from the renowned Hungarian company HERBÁRIA introduced the medicinal plant related activities of the company that was founded in 1949. As director of Quality assurance in HERBÁRIA she focused on the production, processing and quality assurance aspects of Essential Oil yielding crops including the Yarrow (the medicinal plant of the year 2022, in Hungary) and the renowned, traditional “Hungarian Chamomile”.
Following the above presentations, Prof. Calderon, Carlos offered a brief evaluation of the course, with an overview of the final works prepared by the participating students. Two students were, even, offered the opportunity to share their own personal experiences.
As a final event of the course, Prof. Calderon handed over the Certificates of Participation to the course participants.
With the Course officially ended, the Budapest meeting was converted into the final official meeting of the ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance Project (600873-EPP-1-2018-1ES-EPPKA2-KA). Final instructions and arrangements for reporting by project coordinators Martin Gimenez and Clara Cordon Trujillo were followed by the final words of closing and farewell by Prof. José Luis Garcia

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