Fecha de publicación: 23/06/2022
Fuente: WIPO Wine
The present invention relates to a wine storage device and a wine extraction method using same. In the present invention, a storage space (32) for storing a wine bottle (B) is formed inside a cabinet (10), and a vision sensor unit (50) can be arranged in the cabinet (10). In addition, a main control unit (150) can extract wine information from a wine label (B1) image captured by the vision sensor unit (50). The wine contained in the wine bottle (B) can be extracted through an extraction head (100) to the outside. An aerating unit (A) is provided at the extraction head (100) and a discharge port (143) for discharging the wine to a contact space (113) can be formed at the aerating unit (A). In the aerating unit (A), a driving unit is operated by means of the main control unit (150) so that at least one from among the size, length, number and direction of the discharger port (143) can be adjusted. Therefore, the present invention allows the label (B1) of the wine to be automatically recognized so that information such as the type of wine is obtained, and enables, on the basis of the obtained information, aerating to be implemented on the wine to be extracted.