Fecha de publicación: 02/09/2021
Fuente: WIPO Wine
A wine cabinet (01), comprising a cabinet body (100), a door body (200), a first sensor (300), a second sensor (400), an illumination control portion (500) and an illumination portion (600). The illumination control portion (500) is electrically connected to the first sensor (300), the second sensor (400) and the illumination portion (600), respectively, and has multiple control modes. The illumination control portion (500) is configured to: determine the state of the door body (200) according to a first signal sent by the first sensor (300); when the door body (200) is in a closed state, determine the state of a person in a sensing area of the second sensor (400) according to a second signal sent by the second sensor (400); when there is a person in the sensing area, determine that the current control mode among the multiple control modes is an approaching mode; and acquire a first illumination control signal corresponding to the approaching mode, and send the first illumination control signal to the illumination portion. The illumination portion is installed in a chamber and configured to emit, according to the first illumination control signal, light having a first preset color temperature and a first preset brightness.