Fecha de publicación: 11/08/2022
Fuente: WIPO Wine
Provided are a vehicle-mounted storage device, a vehicle-mounted refrigerator and an automobile. The vehicle-mounted storage device comprises a storage cabin body, which comprises a storage cavity (1) and an opening (2) in communication with the storage cavity, wherein a cabin door mechanism comprises a driving connection assembly (3) and an automatic cabin door (4) used for being opened and closed at the opening (2); an object carrying sliding mechanism comprises an object carrying bracket (5) accommodated in the storage cavity (1) and a sliding driving assembly (6), the object carrying bracket (5) is connected to the sliding driving assembly (6) in a linear motion manner, and the object carrying bracket (5) extends out of the opening (2) or retracts into the storage cavity (1); and a control mechanism is used for, after receiving a cabin door opening/closing instruction, controlling the driving connection assembly (3) to open/close the automatic cabin door (4) and controlling the sliding driving assembly (6) to push the object carrying bracket (5) to extend out of/retract into the storage cavity (1). By means of the vehicle-mounted storage device and the vehicle-mounted refrigerator, the object carrying bracket (5) carrying articles, such as champagne/red wine, can synchronously extend out/retract while the automatic cabin door (4) is opened/closed, thereby improving convenience and user experience, and further improving the luxurious technology feeling of the automobile.