Fecha de publicación: 17/09/2021
Fuente: WIPO Wine
The present utility model relates to the making of wine from pomelo (Citrus maxima). The process involves selecting mature pomelo fruit; peeling the selected pomelo fruit and washing the endocarp right after; boiling the � kilo of the endocarp with 500 ml distilled water to produce 4 cups of the pomelo extract; straining the extract and adding _ cup sugar; boiling the mixture for 10 minutes until it is homogeneous; placing the juice mixture in an air-tight container and letting it cool; fermenting the juice by adding � tsp of dry yeast to every 4 cups of extract; letting it ferment for at least 2 weeks or longer or until gas bubbles no longer form in the gas trap; pasteurizing the wine by decanting and heating it to 50 degrees Celsius to eliminate yeast cells and other microorganisms; storing in air-tight barrels or bottles for at least 1 year; labeling and packing for consumption or selling.