Fecha de publicación: 07/10/2021
Fuente: WIPO Wine
Disclosed is a new type of red wine bottle opener, comprising a screw rod (2) with an external thread, wherein a screw cone (21) is connected to the lower end of the screw rod (2); a rotary handle (1) is spirally connected to the screw rod (2); a bottle opening sleeve (3) is arranged below the rotary handle (1); the bottle opening sleeve (3) is connected to the screw rod (2) in a sleeving manner by means of a through hole (31) provided in the upper end of the bottle opening sleeve; the inner diameter of the through hole (31) is larger than the outer diameter of the screw rod (2); the thread rotation direction of the screw rod (2) is opposite the spiral direction of the screw cone (21); and a blocking part for blocking the rotary handle (1) from rotating upwards on the screw rod (2) is arranged at the position of the screw rod (2) above the rotary handle (1).