Fecha de publicación: 23/06/2022
Fuente: WIPO Wine
A multifunctional wine dispenser, comprising a base (1). The middle of the upper end of the base (1) is provided with a lower fastening ring (2); the outer side of the lower fastening ring (2) is fixedly connected to a middle column (3); and the upper end of the middle column (3) is fixedly connected to a wine tray (4). By providing the wine tray (4), drain holes (6), and drain nozzles (7), placing wine glasses into wine glass holes (5) for fixation, and then pouring wine into the wine tray (4), the poured wine flows downward from the drain holes (6) and then flows out from the drain nozzles (7); and since the drain nozzles (7) correspond to the wine glasses, the wine directly flows into the wine glasses, so that an even wine distribution effect can be achieved, and the multifunctional wine dispenser is suitable for being used in multi-person wine receptions or parties. By providing the wine glass holes (5) and the middle column (3), in the case of movement, the wine dispenser can be moved by holding the middle column (3) by hand; when the wine glasses fall downward, since the diameter of the wine glasses gradually increases from bottom to top, the wine glasses would be fixed inside the wine glass holes (5), so that the wine glasses are prevented from falling off. The multifunctional wine dispenser facilitates distributing, by people, wine to guests sitting at different positions, thus greatly improving the convenience of wine drinking; in addition, the wine dispenser is small in volume and is thus convenient for people to carry and use.