Fecha de publicación: 07/07/2022
Fuente: WIPO Wine
The present invention relates to the field of yellow rice wine making, and relates in particular to a method for aging yellow rice wine. The method comprises: disinfection and sterilization, cooling and aging, irradiation for catalyzing aging, and other steps. The present invention provides a method for catalyzing the aging of yellow rice wine. In the present invention, the aging temperature is controlled, various physical and chemical reactions in the aging process are facilitated under an ultraviolet irradiation condition, and a yellow rice wine photocatalytic aging auxiliary agent having a catalytic aging process is provided. The auxiliary agent has a micropore nanostructure modified and loads metal nanoparticles after passing through silane coupling agent modification, and then metal oxides having a catalytic effect are formed under an oxidation condition and are capable of facilitating, under the action of ultraviolet light, chemical reactions in the aging process, and the formation of aromatic substances in yellow rice wine and reduction of total acid content are facilitated, the aging process is accelerated, and time and space expenses are reduced. The method for aging yellow rice wine in the present invention is suitable for the aging of various types of raw yellow rice wine and can achieve a high-quality aging effect in a short period of time.