Fecha de publicación: 06/07/2022
Fuente: WIPO Wine
Disclosed is a method for aging an alcohol product by using intelligent ultrasonic technology. A sealed stainless-steel aging cylinder is arranged on a bracket in advance, and the bracket is arranged above a stainless-steel tank provided with an ultrasonic generator at the bottom, so that indirect ultrasonic aging is performed on a new alcohol product in the stainless-steel aging cylinder. Firstly, a water-injecting sub-process is initiated; an alcohol product-feeding sub-process is initiated and a specific aging sub-process is initiated; a temperature control sub-process is synchronously performed during the aging process; and an alcohol product-discharging sub-process is initiated. After the alcohol product-discharging sub-process, determining whether the alcohol product is required to replace can be added. If yes, a gas-washing sub-process is initiated, and if not, the alcohol product-feeding sub-process is directly performed to continue aging. Such a cycle is repeated to automatically perform the alcohol product-aging process. The temperature and the sealing are strictly controlled during the aging process, effectively guaranteeing consistency of aging effect and quality. The entire processes of feeding the alcohol product, discharging the alcohol product, the temperature control, replacing the alcohol product and the like are automatically realized by means of state checks in combination with sensors and by controlling the corresponding valves, enabling to realize automatic batch production. The method can be widely applied in alcohol product factories and alcohol product packaging manufacturers to shorten the cycle of new alcohol product's appearing on the market and greatly improve the quality of the new alcohol product, and has a wide range of application scenarios.