Cylinder-type vinasse filtering device for wine brewing

Fecha de publicación: 15/07/2021
Fuente: WIPO Wine
Disclosed is a cylinder-type vinasse filtering device for wine brewing, which comprises an outer cylinder, an inner cylinder, a belt pulley mechanism and a motor, wherein the bottom end of the outer cylinder is fixedly installed on a support plate, the motor is installed on the support plate, the output end of the motor is connected with a vertical shaft through the belt pulley mechanism, meanwhile, the inner cylinder is rotationally installed in the outer cylinder, a feeding hole and a discharging hole are formed in the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder respectively, and a pressing plate is arranged in the inner cylinder. According to the cylinder-type vinasse filtering device for wine brewing, vinasse is jointly filtered in a pressure filtration mode and a centrifugal filtering mode, the filtering effect is ensured, a pressure filtration power source comes from the rotating acting force of centrifugal filtration through the design of a transmission structure, and the operation of the equipment is integrally more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.