Fecha de publicación: 28/05/2021
Fuente: WIPO Wine
The invention relates to a biostimulating-regenerating composition based on residual bioresources with fertilization potential for soils and plants, using the bioactive components from marine residual bioresources combined with wine-sector bioresources, in order to improve soil quality and fertility, exhibiting intrinsic functional biocompatibility with plant tissue, improving the growth and development of plants, the compositions being applicable in ecological viticulture and agriculture, fruit-growing, horticulture and forestry for preventing soil erosion and protecting the quality of the environment. According to the invention, the composition consists of vegetable and/or animal marine residual biomass represented by green macroalgae, brown macroalgae and invertebrate organisms crushed shells, each in ratios ranging between 1...90% and wine-sector by-products represented by fermented marc, unfermented marc and chopped vine cordons, each in ratios ranging between 1...90%, with the possibility of adding vegetal or animal charcoal with adsorbing-odorizing role in ratios ranging between 0...10%, the percentage being expressed by weight, the biostimulating-regenerating composition being presented as a solid, homogeneous mass, of a colour varying from gray to brown, with a weakly basic pH.