Fecha de publicación: 07/07/2022
Fuente: WIPO Wine
An automatic sealing apparatus for a wine jar (4), the automatic sealing apparatus comprising: a base plate (1), wherein a conveyor (3) is arranged on the upper side of the base plate (1); and an electric push rod (6) located on the upper side of the conveyor (3). A fixing plate (7) is mounted on an output end of the electric push rod (6), a channel (9) is provided within the fixing plate (7), and an electric motor is mounted on one side of the fixing plate (7). By means of providing a first limiting component and a second limiting component, when the electric motor is started, an output end of the electric motor drives the first limiting component and the second limiting component to move towards or away from each other, such that a lid (18) can be clamped according to the specification thereof, thereby facilitating packaging of a wine jar (4).