Tomato solid drink and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 26/02/2014
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to a tomato solid drink and a preparation method thereof. The method concretely comprises the following steps: with fresh tomatoes as a main raw material, processing the tomato raw material, and adding isomaltooligosacharide and resistant starch into the raw material; and finally, carrying out spray drying to prepare a powder product and filling water into the powder product to obtain the tomato solid drink. According to the tomato solid drink and the preparation method thereof, pigment, essence and preservative are not added into the tomato solid drink in the product preparation process, so that the tomato solid drink and the preparation method thereof are completely in accordance with the development tendency that the modern food is safe, nutrient and convenient. Furthermore, the technology of the method is high in efficiency, good in effect, high in raw material utilization rate, free from waste and little in nutritional ingredient loss. The produced product is long in shelf life, and the problems that the tomatoes are excessive in supply in the peak season as well as rotted and inferior in the slack season, and the like can be solved. The current situation that fewer processed tomato products are available on the market is changed, the produced tomatoes are well sold, the development of industries related to the tomatoes is driven, and a new economic growth point can be formed, so that the tomato solid drink and the preparation method thereof have great economic benefit and social benefit.