Tomato health care sugar and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 13/04/2011
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to tomato health care sugar and a preparation method thereof, in particular to tomato health sugar with tomato and golden camellia as main materials and a preparation method thereof. The tomato health care sugar comprises the following materials in percentage by weight: 20-40% of tomato, 5-40% of golden camellia, and 10-50% of edible sugar. The preparation method comprises the steps of: (1) making golden camellia leaves into powder; (2) cleaning the tomatoes, drying, cutting more than one incision on the tomato, and flattening; (3) adding water 2 times more than the sugar, boiling the sugar solution for 2-6 minutes, adding the golden camellia powder, stirring uniformly, and immersing the tomato; (4) continuously concentrating the sugar once a day for 3-10 days; and (5) baking the tomato for 1-5 hours at a constant temperature of 50-100 DEG C to obtain the end product. The tomato health care sugar has the effects of nutrition and health care and is suitable for masses of consumers.