Tomato-flavored heat clearing biscuit and making method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 22/10/2014
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a tomato-flavored heat clearing biscuit and a making method of the tomato-flavored heat clearing biscuit. The tomato-flavored heat clearing biscuit is made of, by weight, 80-100 parts of flour, 20-40 parts of green gram starch, 30-40 parts of tomato pulp, 5-8 parts of big wheat straw, 1-3 parts of lilies, 2-3 parts of pseudostellaria maximowicziana, 2-4 parts of fructus amomi, 1-3 parts of codonopsis pilosula, 2-4 parts of taraxacum, 1-3 parts of cuscuta chinensis, 2-3 parts of prunus humilis bunge leaves, a proper amount of sugar and 7-10 parts of nutrition additives. According to the tomato-flavored heat clearing biscuit, the operation is simple, the formula is reasonable, nutrition is comprehensive, the flavor of biscuits is changed due to the added tomato pulps, the green gram starch and the big wheat straw which have the heat clearing away effect are adopted as main raw materials, and meanwhile, multiple kinds of traditional Chinese medicine health care ingredients such as the lilies, the fructus amomi, the odonopsis pilosula and the like are added, so that the tomato-flavored heat clearing biscuit has the advantages of being resistant to bacterium, resistant to cancer, resistant to inflammation, antipyretic and the like and has good health care effect.