Tomato cultivation support frame

Fecha de publicación: 02/04/2019
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The utility model discloses a tomato cultivation support frame, including first ring, the bottom mounting of first ring has the inserted bar, the top of first ring is fixed with montant, left side theleft side top of montant is fixed with the couple, the outer wall laminating of couple has the first lantern ring, the stay cord has been binded to the bottom of the first lantern ring. This tomato cultivation support frame is through the cooperation of first ring and inserted bar, cooperation through montant and second ring, insert the inserted bar inside of soil, montant and second ring supportand fix the stem of tomato, the tomato grows along the montant at the in -process of growing, cooperation through the couple and the first lantern ring, cooperation through pull ring and stay cord, hang up the water bag, the water bag is fixed, cooperation through water bag and pipe, cooperation through top cap and through -hole, water flows into in the top cap from the through -hole ooze from the pipe, last and drip irrigation the tomato, the moisture of ensureing the tomato is sufficient, make the growth that the tomato can be better.