Tomato cultivation soil

Fecha de publicación: 05/03/2014
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to tomato cultivation soil and a preparation method of the tomato cultivation soil. The tomato cultivation soil is composed of raw materials including vegetable stubble compost products, biogas residues and gypsum according to a volume ratio of 4-5: 2-3: 3-4. The vegetable stubble compost comprises tomato stubble, kidney bean stubble and radish stubble and refers to plants or plant tissue abandoned in fields and field edges by people after picking is completed. The biogas residues refer to semisolid substance formed after smashed maize straw and chicken manure are mixed and subjected to anaerobic fermentation. According to the tomato cultivation soil and the preparation method of the tomato cultivation soil, the seedling culturing substrate can improve the physical and chemical properties of the tomato cultivation soil and culture strong tomato seedlings, so that production cost is lowered on the premise of guaranteeing the commodity properties of the tomato seedlings; the biogas residues are used for replacing turf, so that turf resources are protected beneficially, and the purposes of resource utilization of the vegetable stubble and the maize straw and reducing environmental pollution are achieved. As a result, the tomato cultivation soil has remarkable economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit.