Three-dimensional planting type tomato organic farm

Fecha de publicación: 01/02/2017
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a three-dimensional planting type tomato organic farm, and belongs to the field of three-dimensional agriculture and the field of organic planting. Supporting pillars are inserted among the hard ground and clapboards to form a multi-level planting layer; cage beds are uniformly arranged on the hard ground and the clapboards, and planting nutritional layers are laid on the cage beds; and nutrition delivery holes formed at the end part of each cage bed are connected with a five-way pipe to connect pipelines of a clean water tank, a disinfectant tank, a nutrient liquid storage tank and an air pressure storage tank. The three-dimensional planting type tomato organic farm has a concise and reasonable structure, is suitable for the tomato planting environment, is convenient and easy for tomato planting, and is beneficial to scale and industrial tomato planting; the planted tomatoes have high yield and high quality since coal slag, distiller grains, bagasse, sheep manure and chicken manure are subjected to environment-friendly treatment in the planting process, the soil planting space is reasonably utilized, and the industrialized commercial value is high; and the tomato planting medium matched with nutrient solution can be used for planting repeatedly, and the tomato planting cost can be reduced.