Soya bean with tomato juice and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 01/07/2015
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses soya bean with tomato juice. The soya bean with tomato juice comprises 100-150 parts of soya bean, 10-15 parts of peanut oil, 15-30 parts of tomato sauce, 10-15 parts of cooking wine, 3-5 parts of table salt, 3-5 parts of white sugar, 1-3 parts of Nongtangbao and 100-120 parts of water. A preparation method of the soya bean with tomato juice comprises the following steps of cleaning soya beans, immersing the soya beans in hot water until the soya beans are soft, taking out the soya beans, adding peanut oil into a pot, carrying out heating, putting the soft soya beans, tomato sauce, cooking wine, table salt and white sugar into the pot, carrying out uniform stir-frying by a big fire for 5min, adding water and Nongtangbao into the pot, carrying out uniform stirring, covering the pot with a cover, carrying out stewing by a small fire for 1h and taking out the finished product soya beans with tomato juice, wherein the finished product can be directly eaten. Compared with the existing soya bean foods, the soya bean with a tomato juice has the advantages of preparation convenience and easiness, low cost and high nutrition value and can be used as an auxiliary material or a main course.