Seedling culturing method achieving high germination rate of tomato seeds

Fecha de publicación: 29/06/2016
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a seedling culturing method achieving the high germination rate of tomato seeds. The method comprises the steps of tomato seed preparation, tomato seed soaking pretreatment, tomato seed pesticide treatment, tomato seed sterilizing, tomato seed germination accelerating and tomato seed sowing. Compared with the prior art of tomato seedling culturing, the seedling culturing method has the advantages that the germination rate is 96.5-98.8%, the survival rate of seedling transplanting is 90.7-94%, the cultured seedlings are strong in growth vigor, flourishing in root system and high in disease resistance, the growth period of tomatoes is shortened, morbidity of gray mold, bacterial wilt and leaf mold during the culturing period is reduced obviously, adaptability after transplantation is high, the flower rate and the fruit setting rate of the tomatoes are increased remarkably, fruit development is good, and meat quality is good.